Canterbury Judokwai

Canterbury Judokwai

The home for Judo in Canterbury since 1950.


We are currently closed due to the pandemic and government guidelines regarding social distancing. We hope to re-open soon; please keep an eye on this website and our facebook page for future updates.

What does Hajime mean?

Here are a few words you might hear when you begin your judo journey:

Tori The person performing a technique
Uke The person on the receiving end of a technique
Shinpan Referee
Sensei Teacher/Instructor
Judogi Uniform
Obi Belt
Eri Collar of Uniform
Waza Technique
Nage Throw
Ne Waza Ground Techniques
Kansetsu Waza Joint Locks
Kaeshi Waza Counter Techniques
Ashi Waza Foot Techniques
Te Waza Hand Techniques
Koshi Waza Hip Techniques
Sutemi Waza Sacrifice Techniques
Seoi-Nage Shoulder Throw
Referee Calls
Hajime Start
Matte Stop
Shido Warning (penalty)
ippon Full Point (win)
Rei Bow
Zarei Kneeling Bow
Ukemi Break Your Fall
Kata Form or Pattern
Randori Free Style Practice
Shiai Tournament, Contest or Sparring Match
Kuzushi Unbalancing An Opponent
Tatami Practice/Training Mat
Dojo Place of Learning