Canterbury Judokwai

Canterbury Judokwai

The home for Judo in Canterbury since 1950.


We are currently closed due to the pandemic and government guidelines regarding social distancing. We hope to re-open soon; please keep an eye on this website and our facebook page for future updates.


We asked some of our members why they enjoy doing Judo, and here’s what they said:


I started judo at 20 to help reduce my dyspraxia, a development disorder also known as “clumsy child syndrome”. Judo has helped me develop my core muscles and balance, while staying fit. I love the weekly training sessions, and doing randori with the other club members, as well as refining the mechanics of the movements. Apart from enjoying randori and technique, one of the primary reasons I value judo is because of the community. There is a truly positive atmosphere at Canterbury Judokwai — and most of them eat as much as I do, too.


I had done judo as a teenager but stopped at 17. Ever since, I’ve always thought of taking it up again, but circumstances often prevented this. At the age of 50 in 2016, however, I took the plunge. Three-plus years later, I do not regret my decision one bit. I love it. It’s a wonderful sport, with a wonderful community. It’s brought me fitness and friendships. And it doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s a place for you on the tatami.


I have been involved in judo as an adult for 12 years now. I had spent many years participating as a junior, before a hiatus during my teenage years.
Canterbury Judokwai has always been a second home to me. I find judo to be my meditation. For those few hours every week my mind is clear of any outside thoughts and I am solely focused on judo. Any constraints placed upon us as people are forgotten — everyone is an equal, and that is humbling. I have been on the coaching team at Canterbury for many years and recently took on the role of head coach and club chairman. It’s always been important to the club, and me personally, that we are inclusive. We cater for all; we have players from all walks of life and that diversity is what makes it so special.
I have formed life-long friendships with people I have met through judo, and the community and bond we build is second to none. And don’t forget the excellent benefits it provides in terms of health and fitness: balance, coordination, strength, stamina . You name it, judo can provide it !


I started judo as a kid and haven’t been able to stop. I enjoy it because it’s a mental discipline as well as a physical one. It requires focus as well as strength and flexibility; much more rewarding than just going to the gym, and something you can practice into ‘old age’. I’ve been a member of the Canterbury club for about 10 years now, the camaraderie there is great, and our doors are open to everyone.